Okay. Trump did not use the word “order” or action, or whatever. But he doesn’t need to. This is the man who needed only to tweet, “It will be wild,” to get a response that “served as a call to action and in some cases as a call to arms.” How do you suppose most MAGAs will…
A massive development has occurred in the Trump investigation, one that has largely gone unnoticed due to the circus in the Manhattan Courthouse. But…
There are times Trump is the most honest man on earth, when he says what he wants to do.
Because the assault weapons flooding the U.S. aren't dangerous enough
Anti-Semitism, Racism, LGBTQ Bigotry, Xenophobia... Some Delight
Experience, Trust, Wisdom, Intimidation
Let's put in all in context while acknowledging that Trump could still win.
Message sent with one picture, both in Ukraine and the United States
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